Top 10 strategies to carry out successful Email Marketing:


Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is sending commercial messages to promote and market your business to a group of people, using email. As part of social media marketing, e-mail marketing can be used to send and receive important queries such as:

·        Send advertisements

·        Request business

·        Promote sales

·        Receive donations

·        Develop relationships

For those who think email marketing is not a trend anymore, studies show that a $1 spent on the email can return $42 and hence a healthy return on investment, imagine sending a number of emails every day and receiving $42 against each email.

In this article, we are focusing on the latest strategies that we can follow to make your email marketing success and hence your business:

1.     Offer something to your viewers:

The website of your business should give something valuable away in order to convince the viewer to subscribe to your newsletter. For instance, you can add interactive quizzes that help them in some way, and the results are sent to them via email. This way, you develop a subscriber’s base without making it look boring.

2.     Optimize your email interface:

Optimizing the interface of your email means that the era of desktop computers is getting diminished in the coming days. The market share worldwide for desktop is 41.61% however that of mobile is 55.55% for the year 2021 and it clearly shows that most people would want to operate their emails on their smartphones. So, to cope with such, the emails should be made responsive, so they are interactive on both mobile/tablets and desktop.

3.     Send offer emails:

A potential customer is always felt regarded if a brand is offering them valuable offers that were meant for them.

4.     Work on your ratings:

Social reviews and ratings matter a lot. Suppose there is an email offering its services on clothing, but it has no reviews, similarly, another brand is offering a discount offer and it has 1000 positive reviews, which one will you choose? Of course, the one with the higher rating. Add a separate portion or mention where your subscribers and reviews are displayed.

5.     Send Welcome message:

Whenever a user subscribes to your newsletter, you should personalize the email to send welcome notes in your emails. This makes the users feel welcomed and acknowledges your services.

6.     Create an overhead:

If you want subscribers to convert into customers, you need to create a hype about the urgency of the offer you are placing. By using ‘Hurry’, ‘Limited time offer’, ‘Ending soon’ in your email content, the subscribers feel an overhead and consider availing your offer.

7.     Track and engage inactive subscribers:

If the subscribers are showing inactivity as in, they have not opened their emails in a few months or so, it is time you engage them again by creating special deals and offers for old subscribers.

8.     Use email analytics:

There are several email analytics calculators and tools that show the click-through rates (CTR), opened and unopened emails subscribed and unsubscribed accounts ratio, performance reports, and trackers.

9.     Write Quality email content:

Email content matters a lot. It is the way you are interacting with the subscribers who can be your customers in the future. Always include a call to action and keep the readers interested in the future content such as “I’ll be sharing good news next week”, or ‘I’ll provide detailed report this weekend”. This keeps the hype going and keeps the reader interested.

10. Show Loyalty:

Send loyalty emails to subscribers making them believe that your brand is loyal to the customers and the offers are specially designed for the well-being of the customer.

Other than these strategies, you can notice the timing when to send emails and contact customers. Look for the times when customers are most active which is in the evenings or on weekends when people spare time to check their mails.

Even though there are countless tricks that digital marketers follow, there can be a bundle of random steps that might work out for one and not for others. Email marketing is growing as it modernizes its ways and offering more as time goes. Utilizing this platform correctly is a fine step any digital marketer should follow.