How is the world evolving amidst global pandemic?


The outbreak of the deadly virus, it has turned the world upside down. People are still wondering what is normal since there exists no sector that is not affected by the consequences of the viral situation. With this under observation, the world is learning how to evolve its methods and techniques in order to build a new strategy suitable for both their business and everyday life.

Let us see some of the evolving trends and new normal:

1.      E-commerce Platforms are attracting Investment:

With lockdowns and ‘Work from home’ imposed, many businesses that used to operate physically are now shifting their business to e-commerce platforms, hence attracting investment. However, already existing e-commerce businesses had to face a tough situation since the buying patterns of public changed, people started stocking up, buying sanitisers and masks like bread. To keep up with the situation, both on-site market and e-commerce has faced some shortcomings.

2.      Marketing trends:

Marketing has emerged as the nerve centre of brands, as these brands and other shopping interfaces need a new platform where they can market themselves while keeping the business strategies and techniques up to the mark. It is said by about 62.3% of marketers that marketing has become more important now than it ever was, after the pandemic.

3.      Health and Safety:

Health and safety is the highlight of brand experience in the COVID-19 era. How a brand reacts to these new consumer expectations will make or break the image of the brand.

4.      Employee Turnover:

Organisations are replacing full-time workers with temporary workers in order to save cost.

5.      Different Job Opportunities:

Remote jobs are the priority since everyone wants to be safe and work respectively

6.      Security Concerns:

Working from home, Organisations are depending on monitoring/tracking software and devices to keep a check on the employee performance


7.     With consumers urged to acquire goods from the safety of their own homes rather than from brick-and-mortar shops, online retail visits are up

8.     Smart brands are using this time to create bonds with their community with bonus points going to companies donating their products locally, partnering with a local charity, or making financial donations to coronavirus relief efforts in their area

9.     Organisations are depending on social media more than ever, for their marketing campaigns

10. While gyms are closed, fitness influencers are having a moment creating daily or weekly content to replicate the in-studio exercise experience

11. And with all the kids home from school indefinitely, parents are seeking out influencers with tips on home-schooling, arts and crafts, games, and other activities for their children

12. Local and small businesses are working hard to avail this opportunity and make their mark as customers are relying on a safe and dependable experience

13. Influencers and content makers are hitting the viewers differently, the content they make will last more impact than ever. Insights are leveling up consistently

There are several more scenarios where we can see that things are changing. Businesses are adopting the change and working on building well-rehearsed strategies to improve their over-all progress looks good

To conclude, everyone is trying their best to make maximum out of this situation. Let us hope that all of us will soon be used to this ‘new normal’