Point of Sale (POS) system

The times of cash registers and manual control of inventory are long gone. Point of Sale (POS) system brings us that ease. It makes the customer experience optimal along with the benefit of your business. Your business starts running on a much better road if you introduce it to the amazing features that POS provides. The ease provided by POS is outstanding as it manages the transactions, sales reports, cash in and out, employee performance and turnover, inventory control, and a lot more, through a PC.

Types of POS:
 1. Desktop-based POS
 2. Cloud-based POS 

In a Desktop-based point of sale system, data is stored on a local server and it cannot be accessed remotely. The user needs to be present on-site to manage it. The hardware connected to the desktop-based system requires beforehand investment and it needs maintenance from time to time. It requires on-site IT support to manually install any updates. Even though a desktop-based POS is easy to use, it lacks in many ways that do not make it compatible with the present-day requirements. 

However, in a cloud-based POS system, data stored can be accessed from anywhere. You can check the sales reports, inventory control, track employee activities, and a lot more from anywhere around the corner. The beforehand investment required is little as it is managed by the service provider. The updates are also automated whenever they are required, mostly in the off-hours when there is no customer dealing. A cloud-based POS system is way better than a desktop-based system as it is designed up to the mark of the present trends.


Here at IT4BS, we have designed our own cloud-based point of sale system known as KPOS. It is made functional according to modern designs and customization. KPOS is different from other systems in a way that every software we build is specially made according to the requirements of the customer. We make every way possible to best meet the demands of the user. It has been successfully running in several businesses and leaving its mark.


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